Jet pumps

Sizes: DN 20 to DN 100


  • Our jet pumps are made of austenitic stainless steel
  • Standard materials (according to AISI): 316Ti and 321
  • Materials such as 316L or duplex are also possible upon customer request

Jet pump DN 100

Jet pumps are devices that generate a pumping action by using a driving fluid as an energy carrier. No mechanical drive is required for the propulsion.

  1. The high-pressure motive medium is accelerated to the maximum in a nozzle. A static pressure drop occurs. The pressure of the flow here is lower than the ambient pressure.
  2. The accelerated motive medium meets the much slower suction medium, creating a shear stress in the boundary layer.
  3. This causes a transfer of momentum to the suction medium, which is accelerated and entrained.
  4. The acceleration of the suction medium leads to a static pressure drop, which creates a suction effect and further suction medium is supplied.
  5. The downstream diffuser causes the pressure of the mixture to rise again.
Sectional view of a jet pump

  • Particularly robust pump type with very low wear and tear
  • High reliability, as no moving parts are necessary
  • Low-maintenance, thus sustainably reduces plant downtimes, which reduces operating costs
  • No mechanical drive necessary, the energy of the propellant (e.g. steam) is used to generate the pumping action
  • Energy efficient through precise dimensioning
  • Very versatile, motive and suction medium are variable
  • Production in different materials possible, suitable for customer requirements
  • Can transport the largest volume flows compared to other vacuum pumps

Jet pumps find applications in a wide range of processes and are individually designed for the intended use.

Food industry
  • Saving of live steam in evaporation plants
  • Extraction of volatile components from containers
Chemical industry
  • Mixing of gases
  • Transport of gas flows even with small pressure differences
  • Extraction of gases from processes
Paper industry
  • Dewatering of the drying cylinders in the drying units of paper machines
  • Steam compression in steam supply networks

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