Special versions

Special construction

Steam lances for vessel installation can be manufactured with a T-shaped steam connection. Central installation is thus possible, e.g. at the bottom of a vessel. This results in particularly intensive mixing with simultaneous heating of the medium.

Multi-stage steam lance DN 80 with T-shaped steam connection

Variants that protect the product

IFA steam lances with double-walled design ensure particularly gentle heating of the product. They are used for thermolabile substances which would be damaged by too long contact time with the housing of the steam lance. Due to the insulating air chamber between the two tubes of the steam lance, the product does not come into contact with the hot steam tube. Only when the product is sucked in and mixed with the steam inside the injector is there a rapid and targeted transfer of heat to the medium. This prevents the product from “sticking” to the steam pipe over time.

Double-walled steam lance DN 80 (outer pipe in half section)

Special arrangements

Steam injectors for vesel installation can also be manufactured in a parallel arrangement.
These can also be installed in a T-piece of particularly large pipelines (DN 600 to DN 1200).

2x IFF DN300 in parallel arrangement

Special materials

On request, we also manufacture our injectors from special materials, such as PTFE.

IFA steam lance DN 65 made of PTFE

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